Kuljetusliike Naarajärvi Oy

Reliability of transportations for over 50 years!

Kuljetusliike Naarajärvi Oy (Naarajärvi Transport Ltd) is a tanktransport company located in Jämsä in Central Finland. We are specialized in liquid transports in Finland and Europe.

The company was founded by Mr Antti Naarajärvi in 1967 and it is still family-owned.

Kuljetusliike Naarajärvi Oy-kuljetusvarmuutta jo yli 50 vuotta
Kemiankuljetukset, polttoaineet


In Finland the most transported products are fuels. In 2010 we transported approximately 20 million litres of fuels. Additionally we offer stock planning for gas stations and some real estates. We can also arrange temporary storage services for example during the tank cleanings.

Chemical transport

Products of the chemical industry are transported in Finland, Scandinavia and Baltic countries. Most of them are flammable, water-soluble liquids. After each transport the tanks are always ventilated, cleaned, inspected by sensory and if necessary, by laboratory tests.