Kuljetusliike Naarajärvi Oy

Erik Naarajärvi

safety advisor

+358 20 792 0731

+358 40 540 4884

Tarja Naarajärvi

Financial manager,
chairman of the board

+358 20 792 0732

+358 400 643 131

Kuljetusliike Naarajärvi Oy (Naarajärvi Transport Ltd) is a tanktransport company located in Jämsä in Central Finland. We are specialized in liquid transports in Finland and Europe. The company was founded by Mr Antti Naarajärvi in 1967 and it is still family-owned.

Varying tasks

Our main cargo are fuels and chemical products. We have co-operation with vocational schools, fire departments, police and other authorities – not only in training but our team of trained staff is also on standby to go to accident scenes to unload overturned vehicle or leaking tank.

Over 50 years of transportation - gallery

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